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Our blog breaks down basic concepts and takes you into the minds of our engineers. We also dig into the business principles that guide our company and allow us to build great solutions for yours.

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screenshot of the Flow web app with a Postgres capture configured

How to create a real-time materialized view in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source database that supports materialized views. Traditional materialized views are database objects that contain the results of a query — usually, a focused subset of a large dataset. They’re powerful optimization tools.  But what about materialized views of a real-time data feed? When you run a query at a set interval, …

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Connector stories: Snowflake and BigQuery

Data warehouses like Snowflake and BigQuery are essential to your data stack. Today we’re talking with the two software engineers who built Estuary’s Snowflake and Bigquery connectors to get an inside look at their process. 

The Estuary story and guiding principles

Our mission and guiding principles are defined not just by the common challenges of our field, but also by our personal experiences. Here’s how we got to where we are, the beliefs we hold as a result, and the vision we work towards.