Real-time data pipelines and open integrations

Future-proof pipelines with both historical and real-time data, set up in minutes, without managing infrastructure

Build millisecond latency pipelines in minutes and spend your time delivering value instead of infrastructure

Continuous Connectors

No need for scheduling. Real-time connections to your sources, so you process data as soon as it’s available.

Extensible and Open

Tap into multiple open source ecosystems so you can access your data across a growing selection of technology and SaaS connectors.

Cost Savings and Efficiencies

Reduce data warehousing costs, ELT spend and cloud computing loads by transforming and aggregating data in flight, before it gets to your destination.

Sync to Operational and Analytics Systems

Send data continuously to any analytic or operational system, including data warehouses, databases, pub/sub, systems key/value stores and more.

Catch Problems Early

Automated testing and validation to verify your pipelines continuously, before mistakes impact production.

Open, extensible connectors allow Estuary Flow to seamlessly connect data from your SaaS applications, databases, files and events.
Optionally transform your data in real time using aggregations and stateful joins, getting it into a format that’s faster, simpler and cheaper to query before your analytics team does its magic.
Land data in your warehouse in real time, giving your analytics team live views using their current tools and workflows including dbt and SQL.
Continuously materialize views of your data into other tools like key/value stores and SaaS products to power new use cases.
Continuous Datasets
Access to all your data — batch and streaming — in one place. Continuous datasets provide both historical information and millisecond latency updates in a single accessible view that’s in sync across all your DBs.
Save Time and Money
Building real-time infrastructure is hard. Doing it with Flow will save you time to market and engineering resources at a much improved total cost of ownership.
Improve Your Data Warehouse
Flow can increase speed while reducing the cost of queries in your data warehouse through data reductions and pre-processing.

Getting Started

Manage it Yourself

Flow is made available under the Business Source license.

Flow Cloud

Define your dataflows and we’ll manage everything for you with guaranteed uptime. Your data is yours and is only ever stored in your cloud storage.

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