Streaming can be

Managed streaming data pipelines, streaming SQL & turnkey connectivity to clouds, databases, and apps

Turn new information into data products in milliseconds, with instant data flow to your current analysis tools, at any scale.

Turnkey support for your databases, warehouses, cloud providers, and SaaS

Leverage hundreds of connectors built in-house and by our community. Estuary uniquely handles both real-time and batch data, ensuring that all your integrations are optimized for speed, cost, and efficiency.

Your data, where you want it



Get started in seconds with our intuitive UI that handles schema discovery, conversion, and scaling automatically.


Interact with Estuary Flow through the UI, code, or both. Advanced users can perform transformations with code using GitOps.


Estuary is a distributed system, allowing for truly boundless scaling — dataflows actively run up to 7Gb/s in production.


Exactly-once semantics from your sources to destinations so you can rest assured that your statistics are accurate.


Connectors are optimized for efficiency, providing real-time data at costs lower than what you’re used to for batch.

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Get started immediately with Estuary Flow for free on Github under the Business Source License.                                               

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