Estuary Flow

Real-time ELT, and much more  

Estuary Flow is the most powerful engine for maintaining millisecond-latency materialized views in your databases. Built to scale and prevent downtime.

Unlock your data’s full potential

Historical and real-time access for all data sources

Capture from any data source and be sure that you'll have both millisecond-latency and unlimited history.

Accessible system of record

Store and process mission critical data with limitless scale, guaranteed uptime and correctness. Plug it directly into your tools to enable the newest technologies without engineering effort.

Build new views and services

Create new services and views in minutes without having to worry about historical backfill, scaling, or maintaining infrastructure.


Build, scale and manage data-intensive views powering modern apps, warehouses, and API’s

Estuary Flow continuously delivers real-time transformations where you want them, at limitless cloud scale, with bulletproof resilience.

Make any database real-time
A platform for creating millisecond latency materializations in your databases and streaming systems, allowing you to use the best tool for any job.
And don’t limit yourself to just views
Build services that take action using complex, stateful operations and unlimited historical look-back.
Survive any failure
Downtime shouldn’t be an option, and data loss causes irreparable harm. Estuary Flow is architected to handle unpredictability and survive machine or datacenter failure.
Not a walled garden

Data sent to Flow lives in cloud storage and is stored in accessible JSON that can be directly consumed by any existing analytics tool, without having to go through brokers.

Exactly-once semantics

Ensure transactional consistency so you can have precise world views - and not just eventually consistent or at-least-once semantics.

Never build the same view or integration twice

Flow combines millisecond latency with all of historical data, so one view of your data meets the requirements for any use case.

Scale fast

Estuary Flow makes scaling hands free. It automatically distributes data and workload demand. Break free from the tyranny of partitioning.

  • Petabyte scale with deployments processing > 7 GB/s
  • Built on Gazette, which has been in production since 2015.

Getting Started


Future-proof your systems and data flows.

Flow allows you to ensure your data layer has millisecond latency and will scale no matter where you are now or what the future holds.


A developer-friendly materialized view creation and management engine.

Build fast in your favorite development environment. Flow is designed for developers working in team environments, utilizing version control and emphasizing composition and re-use.

DevOps & SRE

Scale your data without growing your operations.

Simplify your real-time dataflows from many systems wired together, each with the potential for downtime to one bulletproof piece of infrastructure.