Estuary helps your team get the most out of the ever-expanding list of valuable databases, warehouses, and other tools so you can focus on insights instead of pipelines.
  • Bigquery
    Bigquery Google Bigquery is a cloud-based data warehouse that offers highly scalable and distributed SQL querying over large datasets. Using OLAP... Read More
  • Elasticsearch

    Elasticsearch is a distributed, free data analytics engine known for its speed and scalability. It’s the central component of the... Read More

  • Firebolt

    Firebolt is a cloud data warehouse for sub-second analytics at data-lake scale. It allows you to quickly build and ship... Read More

  • Google Sheets
    Google Sheets

    Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application included as part of Google’s free, web-based Google Docs suite.

    ... Read More
  • Kafka

    Apache Kafka is a popular open-sourced event-streaming platform.

    It’s focused on allowing enterprises to use real-time data as the backbone of... Read More

  • Parquet
    Parquet Apache Parquet is an open-source, column-oriented data storage format of the Hadoop ecosystem designed to provide fast querying on large... Read More
  • PostgreSQL

    PostgreSQL is one of the most powerful open source relational databases in the world. It’s developed a broad community in... Read More

  • Rockset

    Rockset is a real-time analytics platform built for the cloud. It allows you to build data applications by performing fast... Read More

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