Point-and-click simplicity

For real-time data flows

Real-Time Analytics

Low latency visual analysis of high-scale business data is complex and time consuming.  Estuary helps clients build a unified view with point-and-click simplicity for all of your data needs, from source data to visual analysis.

Log Monitoring

Integrating high-scale logs, including data  from content delivery networks (CDNs), can be difficult and costly. Estuary Flow makes low-latency monitoring at any scale for real-time insights, directly in your data warehouse easy.

Fast, Efficient Connections

Estuary operates the most powerful platform for running connectors, taking advantage of open-source ecosystems for long-tail access. With unlimited scalability and millisecond-latency, all connectors can now provide real-time insights at a fraction of the price.

CDC for Cloud Migration & More

Replicate data from your enterprise databases to the cloud continuously using low-impact change data capture. Estuary makes it easy to ingest, process and deliver real-time data across the cloud or on-premise, allowing you to focus on delivering value instead of building pipelines and maintaining infrastructure.