Estuary offers roles across a variety of positions in both NYC and Columbus, Ohio.  We are a highly technical team building the next generation of real-time infrastructure and are rapidly expanding.

We offer full benefits and a great working environment with offices in both locations and the ability to split your time between in-person and remote.

Estuary is a DataOps platform built by successful repeat founders that makes it far simpler for engineering teams to build real-time, data intensive applications at scale. The platform unifies a team's databases, pub/sub, and SaaS around their data, without requiring new investments in infrastructure or development. Estuary develops in the open, implementing in Rust & Go.

Director of Cloud Infrastructure

Location: NYC or Columbus.

Were looking for someone with several years of software engineering development experience in large-scale backend, distributed systems as an individual contributor. Ideally, the candidate would also have experience in engineering management roles. We are a start up and expect that individuals roll up their sleeves to get the job done.


  • Manage the vision, design, deployment, and support of our cloud infrastructure using IaaS and PaaS models across multiple clouds including GCP and AWS.
  • Responsible for running a Cloud Infrastructure and Operations organization that will grow to support customers around the clock.
  • Design process for scalable deployments to customers’ environments.
  • Accountable for management of project prioritization, progress, and workload management across Cloud staff to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Recruit, develop, and motivate engineers and teams.
  • Drive continuous cloud cost optimization and automation.

Lead Cloud Security Engineer

Location: NYC or Columbus.

This is a hands-on position where the individual will be responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of security infrastructure and posture for a new cloud offering. The applicant will bring their domain expertise to inform the secure design, ongoing development, and operations of the product.


  • Design, build, and maintain security-related infrastructure, including network security, sandboxed execution of customer components in virtualized environments, and credentials management.
  • Manage projects related to implementing security tools and practice
  • Build, configure and support VPN
  • Conduct vulnerability scans and assessments
  • Intrusion monitoring and vulnerability remediation of networks and devices, both software and hardware
  • Provide guidance and support to team members

Senior Backend Engineer

Location: NYC or Columbus.

This is a hands-on position where the individual will be responsible for taking on large backend projects from design to implementation to management in production. This candidate will start as an individual contributor and potentially additionally manage engineers over time. The ideal candidate will be very senior with 7+ years of backend development experience.


  • Design, implement, deploy, test and maintain substantial projects in Rust and Go.
  • Evolve Gazette to meet our needs.
  • Solve technical problems of extremely high scope and complexity.
  • Collaborate with other engineers, founders and product management.

Developer Evangelist

As a Developer Evangelist, you will help us fulfill our mission by connecting with other developers, contributing to open source, and sharing your knowledge and experience about Estuary Flow and other leading technologies at conferences and meetups, in contributed articles, and on blogs, podcasts, and social media. Your work will foster a community inspired by Estuary and will drive our strategy around developer love and Estuary’s participation in the open source ecosystem.

We focus on generating awareness about Estuary by rolling up our sleeves, contributing to the ecosystem, and enabling others to become evangelists outside the company as well. Not afraid to be hands-on, you might write sample code, author client libraries, provide insights to journalists, and work with strategic Estuary partners.


  • Lead the conversation around the latest technology advancements and best practices in the developer community.
  • Create engaging content, including technical talks, blog posts, demos, and videos, that educates developers on important technologies and trends.
  • Support Estuary’s product and engineering efforts by sharing what you learn while engaging with the wider Estuary community and the tech community, at large.
  • Conduct interviews with media via phone, podcasts, video, and in-person.
  • Be a leader within Estuary and in the wider community.

Lead Frontend Developer

Estuary builds connectivity infrastructure, which allows teams to integrate real-time and historical data, eliminating the need for engineering teams to manage data infrastructure.

In order to provide feedback to clients on their usage of the product, we will be developing an observability UI. This role will be responsible for its design, implementation and ongoing updates as well as future front-end product developments.

You will have significant autonomy in deciding our front end tool sets. While nothing is set in stone, we expect to develop using react and Node.JS, interfacing with a backend built in rust and go.


  • 5+ years of frontend development, some of which would ideally be in start up environments 
  • Experience with react and Node.JS
  • Extend the core functionality of our product
  • Work with product and leadership to inform the development of our roadmap
  • Consistently ship improvements and new features 
  • Introspective, self-motivated and detail oriented