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If your team’s data integration needs have grown beyond ETL tools, but popular event-streaming architectures are too limiting, you need the next generation of data integration platform. 

Estuary Flow is democratizing access to real-time data with flexible, scalable pipelines. 

Flow is in private beta, but it’s easy to get started today. Use the calendar to set up a 30-minute discovery call. If Flow is the right fit for your data use case, you’ll gain early access as a member of the Estuary private beta.

As part of the beta program, you’ll get:

  • Early access to the Flow web platform 
  • Direct support from the Estuary team to create and refine your data flows
  • Priority development and support of connectors to the systems that matter to you 

The program is open to data-forward organizations in all industries. We’re also building a community of channel partners to empower more users through combined real-time data solutions. 

We’re excited to connect with you and your data.

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